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Our first set up in Paris went back to 1975; and the second setup in New York dated 1978 as products developement and sales offices. Then 10 years later in Bangkok we set up manufacturing and supplies bases. With the rise of China in the jewelry field, we decided in 2009 to launch another production center in Dongguan City, Guangdong, China. We all know China is good at costs control and efficiency: best for silver or other metals + cz ( especially the micro-setting ), while Thailand is good at marcasites with antique look silver items.

Finally we offer very unique items with heavy gold plating ( at least 3 microns thickness so to be qualified as "plaque or" with the seal of the company as guarantee for almost everlasting of the plating ).

For products developement, we combined the different talent of French, Thai and Chinese designers; and for the production know-how we combine the outstanding Chinese micro-seting technique, Thai silver shading skills and also the rare 3 microns plating savoir-faire of the French. Therefore we offer a very extensive collection of different look jewelry which may meet most of the requests.

Of course, we welcome any request for jewelry making based on the customers' desired drafts.

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